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 Dark Funeral

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PostajNaslov: Dark Funeral   sri vel 06, 2008 5:59 pm

Dark Funeral is a black metal Band from Sweden. Their music is describable in 5 words: loud, blasphemic and very fast. In contrast to some black metal Bands the melodies are very extensive and complex.
Dark Funeral was formed by Ahriman and Blackmoon in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1993. The two were joined by Draugen (drums) and Themgoroth (vocals and bass) before the group began rehearsing and writing material. In the January of 1994, Dark Funeral entered Uni-Sound Studio, owned by Dan Swanö, to record their first EP, titled Dark Funeral. After the recording sessions were complete, Draugen parted ways with the band and was replaced by Equimanthorn. On May 4th of that year, the EP was released and Dark Funeral played their first live show in a pub in Norway. Also in 1994, the band signed a record contract with No Fashion Records. At this point, Dark Funeral started writing material for their first full-length album.
In 1995, Dark Funeral again entered Uni-Sound Studio to record The Secrets Of The Black Arts. Due to a bad experience and poor results, the band decided to scrap the material recorded there, and they soon re-recorded the album at Abyss Studio with engineer Peter Tägtgren (of Hypocrisy). After the album was recorded, Themgoroth left the band and Caligula joined to fill his position.
Ahriman has expressed his view that the ancient Scandinavian churches under attack by Norwegian black metallers should not be burned down, as they once were pagan gathering places. He has said, however, that "The new churches are okay to blow up; they aren't a part of history."
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PostajNaslov: Re: Dark Funeral   sri vel 06, 2008 6:40 pm

Likovi su preludi XD,ovaj zadnji nije baš previše oduševio,ali zato ovi stariji jesu pogotovo vobiscum satanas album,damn kak sam se razočaro,onaj dvd šta su izdali ja mislio da to koncert a ono dokumentarac,dobro da nisam skido,likovi čak sviraju u jednom sotonističkom porniću XD
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Dark Funeral
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