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 Judas Iscariot

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PostajNaslov: Judas Iscariot   sri vel 06, 2008 6:01 pm

Black metal solo vehicle for the ever industrious Akhenaten. The Judas Iscariot mentor also operates Weltmacht (with Lord Imperial) and the Black Death Metal act Sarcophagus. Judas Iscariot is noted for its adherence to the purest of nihilistic Black Metal, its anti- commercialist approach and an exalted status on the underground scene. Many releases are issued in strictly limited edition formats. Initial recordings, billed as Heidegger in 1992, were apparently titled after the philosopher Martin Heidegger.

Judas Iscariot bowed in with the 1993 demo 'Judas Iscariot'. It was to be two years before the follow up 'The Cold Earth Slept Below'. Further sessions ensued with 1996’s 'Thy Dying Light', 'Distant In Solitary Night' and 'An Ancient Starry Sky'. These albums would released out of sequence, 'Distant In Solitary Night' actually being recorded in the Spring of 1996 before 'Of Great Eternity'. Originally 'Thy Dying Light' was to be issued by the Head Not Found label although the album's lyrical content was deemed to be too offensive by the parent label.
Two tracks from the ‘Distant In Solitary Light’ album were also issued in 7" single format entitled ‘Arise My Lord’ on Akhenaten’s own Breath Of Night label. Akhenaten would relocate to Germany, and later Romania, for later releases and would also become bass player for the infamous Czech Black Metal act Maniac Butcher.
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Juda \m/
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Judas Iscariot
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