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 Malevolent Creation

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PostajNaslov: Malevolent Creation   sri vel 06, 2008 6:45 pm

One would think that after more than ten years of cranking out the most blistering of death metal, Malevolent Creation would be willing to rest on their laurels, having nothing left to prove. But for the band, every show and every new album is another chance to show the world the true definition of malevolence.
With unmatched speed, skill, songwriting and sheer force, Malevolent Creation is the Mike Tyson of death metal, coming up swinging after every knockdown and biting on the ears of anyone too deaf to listen on their own. They've endured censorship, massive lineup changes, infighting, and attacks by religious groups, mass media, government and right wing thugs. Through it all, Malevolent Creation has stood tall and strong and has never compromised one note nor surrendered one inch of ground. If anything, they've become more and more aggressive and caustic with each new album. The release "The Fine Art of Murder" proves the point. The best linup since their inception, the album devastates from start to finish, and is undeniably their best release to date. The return of the best members in the band's history bring a fire to the album that can't be extinguished by all the holy water in the world. Gone are John Paul Soars, Jason Blachowicz, their first florida drummer JoeWitch Schnessel who currently plays with Hellwitch ,and Derek Roddy, who played on the previous album, "In Cold Blood". Filling their boots are Rob Barrett, Dave Culross, Brett Hoffmann and Gordon SImms.
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Malevolent Creation
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