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 Angel Corpse

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Angel Corpse is a blackened death metal band. whom formed in 1995 by Gene Palubicki and Pete Helmkamp.
"Hammer of Gods", the debut album from Osmose Productions(France), was recorded in July still as a three piece. Then Bill Taylor joined in October on rhythm guitar to make Angel Corpse a four piece. Angel Corpse supported Impaled Nazarene in Europe in December and recorded a live EP from one of the shows on that tour.

In May, the Wolflust EP was recorded with the full lineup , and several shows, including the Milwaukee Metalfest. These were played in the USA during the rest of the year.
The second Angel Corpse album, "Exterminate", was recorded in November 1997 at Morrisound Studios. "Exterminate", also released on Osmose, successfully captured the furious nature of the band's sound. With such songs as "Christhammer", "Sons of Vengeance", and "Wartorn" truly representing the direction that Angel Corpse would continue to go down.
After the release of "Exterminate" in 1998, drummer Tony Laureano replaced Longstreth in March. Angel Corpse played the April 'No Mercy II Festivals' in Europe, which consisted of 11 shows with Immortal, Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Marduk and God Dethroned. This was an intial high for the group touring with some truly popular acts.
Rave reviews in magazines such as Terrorizer, Metal Maniacs, Pit, and numerous others, followed in the wake of the European and North American tours which became about later.
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Angel Corpse
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