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PostajNaslov: Aborted   ned vel 03, 2008 5:38 pm

Death Metallers ABORTED, debuting with the demo ‘The Necrotorous Chronicles’, issued a split album with CHRIST DENIED in 2000 following this with their full length debut ‘The Purity Of Perversion’. The band, forged in 1995 and led by Gurgloroth Sven (a.k.a. vocalist Sven De Caluwé), also include drummer Steven, bassist Koen ("Bassturbations") and guitarist Niek ("Bulging sick string mayhem"). A second guitarist Christophe augmented the band in 1997 and later Steven would relinquish the drum stool to Frank.

The 'Engineering The Dead' album emerged in 2001. ABORTED, incorporating session drummer Dirk Verbeuren of French act SCARVE, set about recording a Jacob Hansen produced album 'Goremageddon: The Saw And The Carnage Done' during November 2002. This record included a cover version of CARCASS' 'Carnal Forge'. Promotion saw the band on tour in Europe with IMMOLATION.
Frontman Gurgloroth 'Svencho' Sven De Caluwé would donate guest vocals to the 2002 'Angel Inside' album from fellow Belgian Death Metal act WELKIN. De Caluwé is also active with Grindcore act LENG TCH'E.
To coincide with European tour dates in April 2004 partnering CANNIBAL CORPSE the band issued a special EP release 'The Haematobic'. This outing comprised three new songs, a cover of ENTOMBED's 'Drowned' plus studio and live video clips. Long term drummer Frank bowed out at this juncture, live dates seeing Dirk Verbeuren stepping back in as substitute. Gilles Delecroix, BELENOS, GRONIBARD and BURGUL TORKHAIN, having taken the drum position in March.

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