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PostajNaslov: Darkthrone   ned vel 03, 2008 5:55 pm

Darkthrone was originally formed as a death metal band, under the name Black Death in 1986. Several demo tapes were recorded, which eventually caught the interest of the English label Peaceville, who signed them under a four-album contract. Black Death later changed their name to Darkthrone and recorded their debut album Soulside Journey in 1991. This featured the first lineup of Nocturno Culto (vocals/guitar), Zephyrous (guitar), Dag Nielsen (bass) and Fenriz (drums). Notice they used occult pseudonyms back then, barring Dag Nielsen. The album was a standard death metal album; clean production, technical riffs and drumming, growled vocals, progressive song structures and such like, inspired by the likes of early death metal bands such as Death.
However, the up and rising black metal scene in Norway made an impact on Darkthrone, who promptly switched from death metal to black metal, adopting the corpsepaint look and such like. Though due to Dag Nielsen's love for death metal, he decided to leave the band, but still played session bass on the band's next album. Darkthrone's first black metal album was released the same year as Soulside Journey, entitled A Blaze in the Northern Sky, now considered legendary as the first Darkthrone album. The band themselves however, according to interview, were very rushed with this album, and state that it wasn't as black metal as it could have been. This could be agreed with, as the production is cleaner than later releases, nevertheless dry, but substantially more clean than what they were to release in the future.

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